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Papermaking research and development
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Innovation – I.I. Pikulik

  1. Developed a new method for the on-the-run measurement of water permeability of press fabrics and compiled a new (TIP 0404-4) “Water permeability of press fabrics.” This method is the most important technique used today for the evaluation of the press sections. Close to 1000 of patented instruments have been sold world-wide at an estimated cost of $35 MM.

  2. At Paprican initiated and directed the $ 4 MM/year program of R&D on Transformative Technologies for Pulp and Paper (TTP&P). To this goal organized a network of Paprican scientist, universities and suppliers, presided meetings with project partners.

  3. Initiated the development of PapridryTM, a new drying method that offers 10 times faster drying rate than conventional drying. The method has been piloted at nearly the commercial speed.

  4. During his time at Paprican obtained about $ 15 MM from industry suppliers and governments for various R&D Projects. The latest of these is the 4.7 MM grant from the Quebec government for the TTP&P.

  5. Was the driving force for the construction of new pilot paper machine at Paprican. This machine is unequalled in North America and is the only pilot paper machine built by the research institute, rather than by a machine builder. Organized a business unit that runs the machine under contractual arrangements.

  6. For almost two decades provided technical leadership to the Papermaking Program of Paprican and initiated numerous new projects. Particularly high impact had his work on the effect of pressing on surface smoothness and print quality. Supervised up to 60 scientists and technical specialists.

  7. Created the new name of “FPInnovations” for the new organization formed by merging Paprican with Forintek and Ferric.

  8. Following catastrophic granite press roll failures in late 80’s in Scandinavia, on behalf of PAPTAC prepared a widely-distributed report on the safety granite safety. This report was widely used by mill that considered press roll replacements.

  9. Contributed to spreading knowledge by presenting lectures related to papermaking and wet end chemistry at various courses organized by PAPTAC, Paprican and TAPPI. Presented Papermaking courses at McGill University, l’École polytechnique in Montréal, l’Université du Québec in Trois-Rivières,  University of South China in Guangzhou;  and in Cali, Medellin and Pereira in Colombia.

  10. Responded to numerous requests for assistance from Canadian and some US mills. Participated in numerous trouble-shooting activities in paper mills.

  11. Acted as a consultant for paper mills, suppliers and government organizations in Canada, USA, South America, and China.